Shake, shake, shake

Shake my heart

Till I’m out of love

For you

Make no mistake

I don’t need warm arms

or drugs doing more harm

There is no more we

It’s just you then there’s me

I’m so over this childish fantasy

I revel in freezing cold reality

Getting over you.. is no easy task

But you won’t find me looking back

Won’t catch me slipping or reaching for

For your once-warm hand in the dark

No! I refuse to say your name again

Even if shoved out into the acid rain

No! I refuse to remember you once more

Even if you tried to break open the door

The eyes of our children may yet carry us

But that story has had came to a quietus


By Me, By You

I may be a woman of many words
But, baby, whenever it comes to you
I would get speechless or stutter
Even at a simple mention of you

You’re miles and miles away
Yet I could still feel your love
As if you’re right by me today
For me, that’d be just enough

Fate had crossed our roads
By me, by you
Just to bring us to a purpose
And that’s for a love that’s true




Melancholy songs sung by the mockingbird
A diamond ring in despair, left uncared for
It does not shine anymore, anymore

The fallen leaves left behind a naked tree
Exposed to the harshest nature could be
Smothered in ice, it grew no more

The grounds froze, the flowers died
Then came the snow and the black ice
The sun didn’t stay long at our door

Windowpanes full of frost
Abandoned birds flying lost
This cold felt like forever

Escaped Words

when she needed to think of words to say and was speechless
She looked around and found him staring, she was then breathless
Her trembling gloved hands held up a fan to her veiled eyes

In the moonlight, he was mesmerizing and dangerous
The scent of his appeal was addicting and contagious
A war then brewed within, she was torn on choosing sides

He appeared in her dreams where he invaded her bed
He soon was in every thought she has in her head
Be lovers or just friends, she wanted to know tonight

Words continues to escape her with his every whisper
Time was more than fleeting whenever they’re together
In a car, on a hill, with a city view under the star-studded sky




It was then
That I promised
I will love you

Doesn’t matter if we’re friends
And nothing ever more
I’ll still love you

Whether we be lovers
Behind a closed door
I will always love you

Tussling in your bed
At your skin I tore
Your name I called out
I loved you forevermore

Guilty tears are acid
Burning holes in your lore
Told over the years about
A lover that was forevermore

The raven can keep
All of his nevermore
But my faith in humanity
Is truly forevermore





 i challenge you to get up off your horse
on which you sit, high and almighty
Come stand on the same ground I’m on
And strip your heart all of humanity

You don’t wanna love again
Just flip the switch
You wanna feel the pain no more
Switch, and be a bitch

Feeling the deaths all around me
Has weighted down on my soul
The pain are alike the ocean tides
Pushing me underwater ’til I let go

I don’t need your smile
I don’t need you to live life
I don’t need your love
I don’t need you to survive

My eyes are my compass
Whatever I see, leads me
I’ve traveled down roads
nobody has ever been

You want no emotions
Flip the switch
You want to be empty
Switch to hide the itch




I may not have said a word lately
But I promise to only you, baby
You are mine, and mine alone
When you’re lying in bed at home
Know you’re running through my mind
And that I will never leave you behind
Whenever life on the grind gets rough
You remind me what we have is enough
No amount of money could buy our love
And the faith we keep will take us above
Ahhh, ain’t nothing better than livin’ our dream
loving with a love that’s more than what it seem
The kisses we have still feels like the first
your shoulders are my hitch during the worst
Your eyes and smile lights up my soul
I’ll love you forever, wherever we go
Here is my heart and I’ll take yours, too
Don’t break it apart, i’d be what you’d lose


It’s easy to glance at a book for
A few words to catch you looking
Or a flaw to make you turn away
Before even opening
You don’t know, don’t ever know
What is it you’re missing
With each and every opportunity
You’re passing
You might have lost the one
You were meant for
But love will lead you back
To the very same door
As long as you believe
There is more to living
Than what you may see
There’s more to the people
That you randomly meet
A note found in the gutter
Might have an effect on you
And change the ways for the better
All because you believe it’s true




I’d came to the terms
Of acceptance
That Life wasn’t going the way
I had planned

Maybe I had took
The wrong turn
Or had I made
A bad decision

I don’t know when
It all went downhill
All I know is then
Life had lost its’ thrill

I got tired of walking
over the same ground
Constantly looking for
Familiarity to surround

So I got off the road
And began to find
I opened up my wings
And also my mind

I came to realize that
There’s so much more to me
Than I had ever known
And it’s unlimited and free